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Explore this year's poster abstracts!

Make sure to stop by the poster boards during the conference to witness the final posters. Authors will be stationed next to their posters, ready to address any inquiries about their work.

The posters will undergo judging during the conference breaks.

Click on the below titles to view the poster abstracts.

16 Integrity in Research Authorship Attribution – guidelines, nuances and new approaches

Julie Siedses – RMIT University

17 Leveraging Research Platforms for Effective International Collaboration: The Human Health Research Services Platform(HHRSP)

Katie Borroz - University of Auckland

28 Advancing Medical Research Globally: Understanding The Impact Of Australia’s Medical Research At The Point Of Care

Manisha Bolina - BMJ

32 Bridging the Gap between Industry, University, and Academia through Industry-University-Community Series (IUC Connect): Insights from School of Research Swinburne Sarawak, Malaysia 

Uvaneswari Aripitri, Redin Dewi Meureni Binti Sapiee & Dayang Salwa Binti Abang Nawawi - Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus, Malaysia

33 Building a Research Culture through a Supportive Ecosystem and Effective Grant Management: Insights from Swinburne Sarawak

Uvaneswari Aripitri, Redin Dewi Meureni Binti Sapiee & Dayang Salwa Binti Abang Nawawi - Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus, Malaysia

37 Contracting for Joint Appointments in Health and Medicine: Challenges and Rewards

Cara Linley - Australian National University

42 The Health Studies Australian National Data Asset (HeSANDA) initiative & Health Data Australia

Katie Ozdowska - University of Melbourne

43 Driving Impact through Multidisciplinary Collaboration: Spotlight on the MISCH Hub's Academic Support Model

Shaie O’Brien - University of Melbourne

49 Navigating the Terrain of a Project Management Tool Rollout in a Research Institution

Stephanie Lim - University of Melbourne

50 Stakeholder Mapping as a Catalyst for Relationship Building 

Stephanie Lim - University of Melbourne

53 Optimising the Human Research Ethics Application Process with a Decision Support Tool

Emma Moloney - University of Tasmania

56 Let doctors do the doctoring: The power of project management staff in enhancing clinician participant connection

Caitlin Symons - Telethon Kids Institute/Wesfarmers Centre of Vaccines & Infectious Diseases

57 Lean times but we still need the wins: Innovation in developing funding-readiness of researchers

Lyn Airey - The GrantEd Group

58 Peer-reviewed podcasting: how scholarly audio is permeating academic research practice and attracting new collaborations

Kate Murray - University of Melbourne

65 The multifaceted identity of research manager: a key to building collaborative relationships

Emily Fong - University of Canberra

67 A Research Management Framework for Supporting Successful International Research Collaborations

Meg Belmonte - The University of Melbourne, Karen Burke - Flinders University & Vesna Stefanovsk - Swinburne University of Technology

75 Informing a positive research culture framework; a systematic review highlighting enablers and barriers of implementation strategies into real-world research settings

Dr Najwa Reynolds - HammondCare

76 Sharing and refining research management best practice across the tumultuous New Zealand tertiary vocational education sector

James Savage - Southern Institute of Technology | Te Pūkenga

79 Sharing is caring: Research management knowledge-sharing at UQ, from a University- and Faculty-level perspective.

Sandrine Kingston-Ducrot - The University of Queensland

84 Showing Off Our Wares. Sustainably and Safely Populating the ARDC's Research Link Australia

Jo Dalvean, – ARDC, Anthony Dona - Digital Science, Yuveena Gopalan, Scott McWhirter - UTS, Donna Hannan, Wendy Scott - Griffith University, Tom Verhelst - Southern Cross University

88 Ableist academia: Approaches to better support researchers with disability

Hayden Blain - The University of Melbourne

89 Keys to open communication pathways: working towards a successful Library and Office of Research Services relationship

Gabrielle Kneebone - University of Tasmania

95 Embedding Wellbeing Practices into the Research Student Experience

Cornelius Ngau - Monash University

99 Moving from compliance to care: promoting fulfilment of responsibilities through research stewardship to drive trust in research and sustainable partnerships

Fiona Maciver - University of Technology Sydney

101 Developing Knowledge Through Transparency

Ms Sanita Kratina & Ms Lorraine Dunbar - Edith Cowan University

108 An Academic Adventure: Leveraging embedded research support to chart a path to success

Cassie Chen & Anna Coppel - The University of Melbourne

110 Development of a mentoring program for early career researcher support

Shirley Savy & Fiona Stacey - The University of Newcastle

112 Transformative Collaboration: The Impact Labs' Interdisciplinary Model

Shahab Sazegar - Monash University

114 Research Education and Research Support two pieces in the same puzzle

Jodie Richardson - The University of Sydney

116 Strategic Insights: Data-driven Research Portfolio and Resource Management with Power BI

Hayley Gorsuch - Australian Institute of Marine Science

120 A PACT for addressing climate change - Challenges and opportunities in developing a transnational research centre

Helen Matich - Monash University

132 Governance and operating principles for the Industry PhD – from fragmentation to coherence

Simon Kalucy - UNSW & Mitch Smyth – University of Melbourne

135 Communicating impact: developing researcher capability

Annie Sharbeen - UNSW Sydney

141 Enabling effective research management through technological innovation on the ground

Mitchell Mollison - Monash University

145 The Symbiotic Relationship Between researchers and professional staff in research management systems and practice

Gabrielle Nagel – University of Melbourne

147 AI-Powered Progress: Industry PhD Programs Transforming Healthcare Research

Maria Gonzalez - University of New South Wales

148 Fostering open science practices: the role of research management  

Louise Townsin & Kay Govin - Torrens University Australia

149 Refining University’s Success: Evaluation of University’s Contribution in Global Community and Addressing Societal Challenges

Fei Li - Monash University

154 Ensuring Ethical Excellence: A Robust Framework for Research Integrity in Universities 

Ms Lai Chunying & Dr Willie Koh - Nanyang Technological University

157 Synergy Unleashed: The Nexus of Australian ITRP Business Minds

Cara Jordan – RMIT University

166 The Champalimaud Way | Establishing successful Strategic Research Development

Bruno Ceña & Joana Lamego - Champalimaud Foundation

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