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The Australasian Research Management Society (ARMS) supports research management professionals from across the Australasian region including Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.


Since its founding in 1999, the ARMS network has grown to involve more than 3900 members from universities, independent research institutions, government and health and research organisations.


ARMS is dedicated to the development of research management professionals, the promotion of the profession of research management, and the advancement of the research enterprise. It does this through professional training and development, including a professional accreditation program; knowledge exchange through regional chapters, SIGs, regular events, the annual conference and a suite of online resources; as well as advocacy for the profession.


For more information please visit the ARMS website:


“This year ARMS celebrates an important milestone – 25 years of research management excellence!  In 1999 ARMS was established by a hopeful and very forward-looking few.  Look at us today! Research management in all its varieties and research management professionals are very much part of the core infrastructure that enables research management excellence and impact.   I am so proud to be part of an engaged community of practice, that has supported our members over the past 25 years. I invite you to participate in specialty local events and the annual conference over the coming months”.  - Dr Tania Bezzobs, ARMS President


MyRMA is a national-level association and is open to individuals and organisations interested in or supporting research management objectives, including organisations engaged in research such as Institutions of Higher Education (Public and Private), Institutions and research agencies, and Funders.


The formation of MyRMA signifies the importance of research management and administration of the Malaysian research ecosystem at a professional level, on par with international practices.


MyRMA aims to be a platform for research managers/administrators from the public, private, academic, and research agencies, as well as donors, to interact, exchange ideas, conduct collaborative activities. This is expected to contribute towards enhancing the effectiveness of research management and the quality of the research itself, as well as the return on investment.


For more information please visit the MyRMA website:


ARMS and MyRMA have an established relationship and are committed to working collaboratively on initiatives that promote greater international engagement and promotion of the profession for the benefit of all members. This collaborative engagement commenced in 2019 with an event hosted by Monash University Malaysia in association with MyRMA, a then newly formed Research Management Association.  The not only raised awareness of the importance of the profession but also a commitment for both Associations to continue working together to achieve global research excellence. 


ARMS is committed to working with MyRMA in a mentoring arrangement to jointly deliver our 2024 conference. 

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