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ARMS Chapter Travel Awards 2024

Needing financial assistance to attend the ARMS 2024 Darwin Conference this September? The Society is now calling for applications for our 2024 Chapter Travel Awards!

Chapter Travel Awards aim to provide financial support to eligible ARMS members wishing to attend the ARMS Darwin Conference from 11-13 September 2024.

These awards provide financial assistance to help offset costs relating to attending the conference (i.e., flights, accommodation, or conference registration). Each eligible applicant will be required to specify the level of support being requested (including a justification for support) and to demonstrate how any shortfalls are likely to be covered.


Please download the guidelines and application form to apply.


Application Form

Applications are CLOSED.

ARMS Indigenous/First Nations Conference Travel Award Program 2024 (ICTAP 2024)

The award is designed to provide modest financial support to eligible Indigenous/First Nations Research Management Professionals who are members of ARMS and wish to attend the ARMS Darwin conference from 11-13 September 2024. 

While it is strongly encouraged that Awardees present at the conference either as a lead or co-author, it is not essential under this Award. The recipient will however need to demonstrate relevant professional development benefits to a broader ARMS community from attending the ARMS Darwin conference. 


The Society may offer up to (3) eligible applicants an Indigenous/First Nations Research Conference Travel Award of up to $AUD 2,500 per awardee – Conditions apply. 


Applications are CLOSED.

Please download the guidelines to apply.

ICTAP 2024 Guidelines

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