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ARMS is currently calling for abstract submissions to be
delivered during our 2024 Conference in Darwin! 

We encourage you to submit an abstract and share these details with your colleagues.
Preconference Workshops - Friday 15 March 2024
Oral & Poster Pr
esentations - Friday 12 April 2024


Global and local research partnerships for a sustainable future

In a world that has reopened to new challenges and opportunities, the role of research management professionals has become more crucial than ever. This evolving landscape calls for a dynamic approach to managing global research partnerships, emphasising the need for robust relationships between researchers and strong connections among skilled research management professionals. These connections are vital for navigating diverse requirements and meeting increasing expectations in a sustainable manner.


The theme "Global and Local Research Partnerships for a Sustainable Future" is a simple articulation of how research management professionals must operate in this environment and the jointly convened conference is emblematic the reality of the environment with the jointly convened conference, ARMS 2024, serving as a testament to this reality. Uniting the established practices of Australasia with the emerging Malaysian research management ecosystem, this conference is a platform for sharing, learning, and understanding the nuances of this field.


Come to ARMS 2024 in Darwin to share, hear, learn and understand:

  • How are organisations engaging with new players in the research system whilst continuing to nurture relationships with existing government and industry partners.

  • How local contexts shape global perspectives and discuss strategies for research management professionals to enhance the impact of partnerships for a sustainable future. And

  • How you, as a research management professional, can build impactful partnerships for a sustainable future.


This gathering is not just an event but a pivotal moment for professionals to collectively steer the course of research management towards a more interconnected and sustainable future.


o   Bringing philanthropists, public research and industry research closer together

o   Effective collaboration with external stakeholders

o   More than our rank – innovate the future of global rankings

o   Professional research management as an embedded practice

o   The Knowledge Broker –Translating and disseminating research for greater impact


For a full description of the sub-themes please download the Abstract Guidelines here



Preparing an abstract for a conference is an important skill for research professionals. The purpose of the abstract is to summarise the major aspects of what you plan to present to your audience - so its important to write a concise abstract that does your intended paper justice.

Your abstract will determine acceptance by the conference organising committee and will also determine whether those attending the conference attend your session or visit your poster - so learning to write an abstract is pretty important.

This session shares some key tips on how to write a clear and concise abstract that improves the chances of the abstract being selected by the conference organising committee and targets your intended audience.


To watch this PD Session, click here. - Please note that this recording is only available to current ARMS members.



Closing Date for Submissions - PLEASE NOTE

  • Preconference Workshops - closing date Friday 15 March 2024

  • Oral Presentations - closing date Friday 12 April 2024

  • Poster Presentations - closing date Friday 12 April 2024


NB: Late abstracts will not be accepted.


Notification Date for Submissions - PLEASE NOTE
All submissions will be carefully reviewed by the ARMS 2024 Program Committee and authors will be notified of acceptance.

  • Preconference Workshops – mid April 2024

  • Oral Presentations – mid May 2024

  • Poster Presentations – mid May 2024


Presenters will be notified via email and will be sent a link to registration. All presenters must register by Thursday 27 June 2024 in order for the program to be finalised and published. NB: Earlybird registration closes Thursday 27 June 2024


In the event that the presenting author does not register, the abstract will be withdrawn.

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